Toyota RAV4 is a car model that don’t need any introduction. First generation of Toyota SUV debuted in 1994. Now it’s fourth generation after lifting available in the market  since February 2016. Toyota is offering wide range of engines. You can find 2-liters Valvematic engine with 152HP ( with both manual and automatic transmission and 4×4 drive), also 2-liters diesel engine with 142 HP (with only manual transmission and 4×2 drivve) and hybrid 2,5-liters engine with 197HP (available with E-CVT automatic transmission and both 4×2 and 4×4 wheel drive). This one is in our car rental offer so you can share the experience of driving this very distinguished car. 

There is also variety of models like active, premium, premium+, style and prestige (included in diesel, unleaded and hybrid versions). Unleaded version you can have also with winter package. And hybrid offers most luxuries version called Select which i had pleasure to test for you. And which you can rent in our company for a very special price.

Toyota offers wide range of colors and additions. But let’s focus on our RAV4 Hybrid in special Selection edition.

Capacious, comfortable and fuel-efficient. What is Toyota's SUV really like?

About how comfortable the car is I had a pleasure to learn very fast. As soon as PLCars got the car I had a journey around 400 kilometers in the city as well as on a speedways. Interior is very nice, even tall people can fit in front seats and at the back. Leather interior with red parts on the seats make it more luxuries. Car has a lot of features like heated front seats and steering wheel, Hands-Free automatic tailgate. Trunk capacity is 501 liters which can fit luggage for 4 people. But if you need more space you can lay down rear seats and extend it up to 1633 liters. Which makes it very comfortable to carry large things.

A powerful drive system and low consumption ?

Big power unit not every time goes with huge consumption. Toyota RAV4 Hybrid allows you to consume while gentle driving less than 6 liters/100km. But if you need power or driving with high speed it will take around 10 liters/100km. Comparing to other cars in SUV group with that weight it’s not much. Under the hood you can find two engines: 2,5 liters, 4- cylinder engine with 155 HP and electric that can produce 143 HP. You can also find second electric engine at back with 68 HP and this is how 4×4 drive works in RAV4.

This creates RAV4 Hybrid the most powerful Toyota SUV. With weight of 1700 kilograms, 197 HP engine can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.3 seconds.

E-CVT transmission have one big minus during dynamic drive – it’s loud. You can have a feeling that the car is howling. But when you not pressing “pedal to the metal” you can easily enjoy quite drive.

How does the whole system works?

Hybrid Toyota RAV4 is equipped with key-less system. Car is locking and unlocking with driver touch and the engine stars by pressing POWER button. First experience with Hybrid engine might be little weird since when you start there are sound from engine. You may feel that it doesn’t even start. But by setting transmission to “D” gear you will drive.  Thanks to EV mode you can drive only on electric engine but only if its slower than 70km/h and the batteries are charged in at least 1/3.

All information about your driving, efficiency and power system as well as battery status are shown on multimedia system 7 inches screen called Toyota Touch 2 with Go. Also on a dashboard in front of driver there is 4 inches screen with most important information like avg. consumption or speed, phone details and some settings.

Whats different in Hybrid form other cars is in dashboard there is Eco indicator on tachometr place. There are three fields: CHG – which means that batteries are charging for example while breaking, ECO – means that you are diving in Eco mode ( less consumption or just on electric engine) and the last is POWER – which inform driver that he’s using full engines capabilities.

To sum up.

If someone was driving SUV with standard drive than changing for RAV4 Hybrid will be completely new experience. With appropriate approach to driving car can be very fuel-efficient and quite which affects on passengers comfort. RAV4 Hybrid is the best choice to the city while driving in traffic is no longer tiring thanks to automatic transmission, electric quite engine and very low consumption.

Our Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Selection is directed to clients demanding luxuries and in the same time efficiency. PLCars – Car rental is offering this car for you with a little bit of knowledge ( if it will be your first time with Hybrid) so you will have a pleasure of driving that car.

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