Motor Show Trade Fair 2018

PLCars Crew took part in Motor Show 2018 which took place in Poznań on 5 – 8 April. Every year the fair attracts many enthusiasts, hotheads and entire families. On April 5, was Press Day, during which premieres of vehicles of various brands were presented.  This day was dedicated for press and people from automotive industry, but also there were visitors who were willing to pay significantly (120 PLN to 140 PLN) more than other days of fair, where the prices ranged from 19 PLN to 30 PLN. Motor Show attracts so many people because there are simply too few events like that in Poland. Cars presented at the fair can be divided into three categories: Futuristic (future) cars, luxury cars and general-purpose cars. As a growing car rental company, we went for the fair not only with passion for cars, but also because we want to see the best cars for our customers.

Future Cars

Volkswagen I.D Buzz is an interesting proposal from producer. It is a completely electric car that, when fully charged, can cover a route of over 370 miles. Looking at this model, you can’t get rid of the impression of huge similarity of iconic VW Transporter T1 and Transporter T2. The car will go to dealerships in 2022, thus supplying the range of electric cars.

In the same group, however, from Skoda will come Vision E. The car is completely different from the current standards. It is a preview of the 10 Skoda electric models that the manufacturer intend to introduce by 2025. Skoda announces a range of 310 miles of Vision E, with quite pleasant performance coming from two engines with a common power of 306 HP and a maximum speed of 110 mph. The car will be equipped with many novelties including the possibility of autonomous driving of the third stage, which means the possibility of acceleration, braking and changing the line without driver interference. Of course, it is important for driver to supervise to take control if necessary.

Perhaps the most interesting model for the time is completely electric concept car from Audi called Aicon. As in case of Skoda, the design of the car has nothing to do with modern vehicles. Aicon is equipped with four engines, one for each wheel with a total power of 354 HP. Quattro drive decides electronically on which wheel set the drive at the moment. Concept Audi range is almost 500 miles, and charging up to 80% will take 30 minutes. Quality and performance at the highest level, something you could expect from Audi.

Luxury Cars

Of course, in this group of cars you can’t mention the flagship from Audi – the legendary A8 in the new version. I don’t know about you, but I love those connected lights in the back… There is not much to say about this model, but it’s worth mentioning the autonomy of the vehicle at third level, which Audi A8 can boast as the first of this class limousines. The A8 with D5 designation debuted in 2017. Two engines options are available: a 286 HP diesel and 340 HP petrol, both equipped with Quattro drive and automatic transmission. You could write the whole article about interior design, packages and personalization possibilities, so I’ll go further.

If we have Audi, it is not possible not to mention the next manufacturer which is BMW. However, I’ll not write about 7 Series, but about BMW i8 Roadster. Beauty, elegance and sport all in one. Car that is for everyone and at the same time available to a few. I don’t think there are many people who would not like the i8 Roadster. Especially the colour called E-Copper, that was presented in Poznań. As PLCars a car rental, we wish ourselves and our clients that this model will be in our offer. Roadster compared to Coupe version is 60 kilos heavier. Someone might say that this is a lot, but usually the change for a convertible weights between 150 – 280 kilograms. The power of the electric engine was increased by 143 HP and it can accelerate using only this engine to 65 mph which is 21 mph more than before.

BMW was, Audi we mentioned, guess what can it be now? Yes, you are right. Mercedes. However, it will not be S-Class or AMG GTR. This time it will be a Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet. The car that has stirred up mixed feeling in me. From one side when something is for everything you can say it won’t be good in anything. And yet we have luxury from Maybach and off-road G-Class from Mercedes and the engine 650 with 630 HP and 1000 Nm torque. I get the impression that it is a car dedicated for sheiks who need to drive fast through dunes with a luxury car to their residences. I forgot to mention that it is convertible version that is perfect for sunbathing. Maybe it’s not just a feeling? Although I must admit one: the car provides a WOW effect.

General - purpose Cars

This is probably the most popular group of cars among car rental companies and in the same time a very large group. Small , city cars, limousines, SUV’s or all terrain can be included here. However, it connects them that they are more accessible to people and everyone will find something for themselves.

Maybe we can start here from Seat, a brand considered ordinary, without any revelations. And here is the surprise called Cupra. It is completely new brand under the leadership of Seat, who decided to separate sports cars and concentrate in this group only them. The most surprising model was Supra Ateca, which is the largest SUV from Seatl, however in a completely new version. The car looks beautiful and its performance is even better. 2-liters, 300 HP engine with 4-wheel drive and DSG transmission provides interesting driving experience and acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in less than 5.5 seconds. Not bad for Seat. Ateca was not the only presentation from Cupra. On the stand you could also saw Leon Cupra R and the concept electric race car – Cupra e-Racer. Of course, you could also saw Seat’s fleet, but in the highest equipment version called FR, where it looks different from the most common versions you can find on our roads.

It’s also worth mentioning Toyota. One of the cars from this manufacturer you can easily rent in our car rental company. And in this matter… As already at Toyota topic, we have a promo coupon for you. For the password “Hybrid” you will receive 20% discount on one of our cars, valid until June 2018. Guess which one. But back to the topic. Toyota has shown refreshed small Aygo and first long waited hot-hach – Yaris GRMN. Don’t ask where the name came from, but I associate it with Gremlin. Of course, hybrid cars like CHR Selection, RAV4 Selection and Auris could not be missed. An interesting car was Toyota Mirai. Hydrogen-powered car presented in 2014. In Poland, it is not popular due to lack of fuelling stations on which car can be refuelled. Mirai means “future” in Japanese. Are we sure we are going this way? I think this future is very distant and for now we are focusing on typically electric cars.

The new Kia Proceed Concept was very eye-catching. The car looked amazing thanks to the special Lava Red painting. This colour was achieved by applying 19 layers of paint. The silhouette of this car is slightly lengthened, but remained slim and sporty. It does not look like a station wagon any way. And again, those connected tail lights… Beautiful.

To sum up

The vehicles selected above are only subjective feeling about what we should write about and what made the biggest impression on us. Motor Show is an opportunity to broaden your knowledge about the automotive industry. It is not only a car show, not only about crowds of people and a way to spend free time over the weekend. Motor Show offers the possibility of interaction. The Skoda booth located outside of a building was a zone where you could see what is the feeling during an accident or rollover. Mercedes offered electrically powered rides with Smart, so everyone could feel the electric engine driving. There should be much more events like that on the map of Poland. The next event is Auto Nostalgia in Warsaw on April 14 – 15. An article will appear on the site. And what’s more, on our Fan Page on Facebook you will be able to take a part in a small survey regarding which cars you would like to rent in a given class with PLCars – Car Rental.

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