About us
13 Mar 2018


PLCars  is managed by two motoring enthusiasts. Both owners have experience working on the rent a car market.

Jan has one year of work experience in this market. As a student of Information Analysis and Strategic Planning, and at the same time, the owner of agritourism is ready to face the challenges and problems associated with customer service, and strives to make every customer satisfied with the services.

Łukasz has over two years of experience in the rent a car industry and over 4 years in the auto-detailing industry (mainly in acquiring customers, contacting and maintaining good relations with them). Master, Bachelor, Technologist and soon an educator, ready to work and challenges posed to him. Reliable performing their duties.

Our Mission

PLCars‘ mission is to provide the highest quality in car rental service, thanks to which the customer will be satisfied and will be happy to come back to us. We want to achieve this by facilitating the renting process and maintaining the highest possible customer satisfaction.

A modern, well-kept fleet of cars. A simple, intuitive booking and customer service system. A friendly front-to-client approach aimed at solving any problems that arise in the client’s favor, if possible. PLCars is a young company seeking the best opinions on the rental market.


Adam Franczek

Entrepreneur @ Warsaw
I was not disappointed, comfortable ride, very good friction, good notch, comfortable seats, exeptional luggage space. Quick rental, comfortable return, punctual and friendly service - 10/10.

Milena Wawrzyn

Coach @ Warsaw
Fast, efficient and classy. Easy and flexible booking. After an hour, I was already in a car. It was super-steady and lively. All in all, comfort and pure pleasure.